Monday May 27th, 2019

The Jellyfish Project

Issue 1 - Environment
By: Sarah Tourangeau
The group performed and talk to the grade 9’s and 10’s at Nepean on October 8. Photo taken by Julia Cawthorn (Grade 10).

Our earth’s declining environmental health is a prevalent issue in today’s society. Although there is much talk of the issue, little action is being taken to stem the flow of this problem. However, one group, Mindil Beach Markets, is engaging youth and encouraging them to take the earth’s condition into their own hands. Mindil Beach Markets is a band that was formed 5 years ago by its members; Cam Ainslie, Rod Campbell, Patrick Codere, Daniel Kingsbury and Matt Posnikoff. Two years ago the band decided they wanted to do more in order to make an impact on youth and to educate them about prominent environmental issues. With this goal in mind they created the Jellyfish Project. Barefooted, wearing jeans and snapbacks, the group emits a casual and relatable vibe. Opening with a few catchy tunes, the group draws in the students. “We had the attention of people, if you have that power, not using it for good is just irresponsible”. The Jellyfish project travels to schools across the country to educate youth about ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship. “The earth is in an environmental crisis, the next few years are critical”. Unlike other environmental presentations, the Jellyfish Project actually offers opportunities for youth to get involved by enabling them to sign up for the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition is a united group of youth across Canada, aiming to protect the planet and the climate from warming. You may be wondering, why the Jellyfish? It represents the declining health of our oceans. As our oceans suffer from over fishing and acidification, Jellyfish thrive in such unstable conditions. The group urges students to get involved in their environment. The inspirational presentation ends with a quote from the famous scientist Albert Einstein: “If you have the privilege to know, you have the duty to act.”

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Top 5 Spooky Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Issue 1 - Review
By: Nick Dunne
Image from Google Images

With Thanksgiving over, and Halloween on its way, the season of hauntings, witches, ghouls and all things spooky, is upon us. To celebrate, some of us might go trick or treating, throw a party, summon the demons of hell in a Wicca ritual, or watch some sweet spooky films. You may be too old for trick-or-treating, too young for an alcohol fueled party, or too ordinary to summon the demons of hell, so watching a nice scary movie might be your best option. But there are so many horror movies out there, how do you know which one you should pick? Well, do not fret. I have made a list of the Top 5 Spooky Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween. Continue reading, if you dare *cue evil laughter*.

#5 Donnie Darko

This isn’t quite a horror movie, but it takes place in October and ends on Halloween, so it’s close enough. It doesn’t lack in the creepy department, though. Donnie Darko is troubled high school student that meets an imaginary friend, Frank, who tells him the world is going to end. He tells Donnie to do things like break the school’s water main, and set fire to man’s house. Frank wears the scariest bunny costume I’ve ever seen, and has an even creepier voice. It’s well shot and multilayered, with an ending that will blow your mind and give you a headache. This flick is a time travel movie wrapped in a teen love story wrapped in a Halloween movie. Eerie, dark, and at times terrifying, Donnie Darko will be sure to give you a fair share of thrills and chills.

#4 Red Dragon

This prequel to the Silence of the Lambs is often overlooked, but is truly one of my favourite horror movies. The villain, nicknamed the Tooth Fairy because he bites his victims with metal dentures, is truly more disturbing than Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. We get an insight on his life story, his disturbing background, and we can even pity him at times. Furthermore, Hannibal Lecter is a much more dangerous character, who works with the Tooth Fairy in order to try to kill the protagonist, played by Edward Norton. There’s more action, and there’s much more at stake. The protagonist is a great detective, but hates his talent in solving crimes because his ability to think like a serial killer disturbs him. It adds a layer of depth to him, unlike Clarice Sterling. His family is in constant danger, and one misstep can cost their lives. This film is more graphic and more disturbing than Silence, and Lecter is now a fully fleshed out (no pun intended) threat.

#3 The Road

If you like post-apocalyptic movies, this one is perfect for you. Starring Aragorn, son of Ara- I mean Vigo Mortensen, it’s the story of a father and his son trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic America. This ain’t your grandfather’s post-apocalyptic movie, as the world is filled with thieves, looters, murderers and cannibals. This film is claustrophobic and absolutely horrifying, despite the world being barren and mostly empty. The father struggles with keeping his humanity and good nature, while the son yearns to learn about the world before it came crumbling down. You can feel the constant terror of the characters trying to live in a world not fit for life, which builds tension that never goes away. At times it’s heartwarming, and at others it’s heart-pumping, but it’s consistently spooky throughout.

#2 Alien

Oh boy, if The Road is a claustrophobic movie, Alien most certainly the King of Claustrophobia. A space ship lands on a small planet while on a trip back to earth and discovers a derelict space craft. They also discover thousands of eggs on the planet. A hatchling grabs the face of one the crewmembers, and after killing it, they return to their ship. That’s when all hell breaks loose. The Alien is powerful as much as it is macabre in design, made by H.R Giger, and the game of cat and mouse played by the crew and the alien is truly thrilling. Also, the setting of the cramped spaceship makes this one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

#1. The Exorcist

Were you guys expecting some-thing that wasn’t The Exorcist? Re-ally? Need I explain this horror masterpiece? Fine, if I must. To be simple, it is the story of a young girl who gets possessed. Sounds real basic and simple, but it’s so much better than just that. Scenes of this innocent young girl screaming and demonically thrashing about is disturbing enough, but what really sets the movie apart is it’s frantic pacing. One scene could be the priest talking to the demon, the seconds later her head spins around a circle and the thrashing continues. The transformation of the girl is stomach-wrenching, as are some of the things the demon does to the girl. It’s a rollercoaster ride of unpredictable chaos in this little girl’s room. The Exorcist is a must see on Halloween.

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Movies for Scare Season

Issue 1 - Review
By: Brenden Shipman
Image from Google Images

When October comes around, and the freaks and ghouls are out to play, wouldn't it be safer to just huddle in your room and a watch movie? If you are going to spend time in front of your T.V. during the dark nights of October, keep these flicks on your radar.

Evil Dead (Franchise)

Frightening fans for over thirty years, this story of a cabin in the woods and demonic possession has received a well deserved 2013 reboot. Although the special effects and acting of the original trilogy are comical, the new Evil Dead adds and maintains some of the most gruesome scenes ever played on the silver screen. Although these films do have an intense level of carnage, director Sam Raimi also had a soft spot for the three stooges and slapstick comedy. That’s why Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness-its sequel-are two of the first movies to be horror comedy hybrids. So no matter what genre you're looking for this Halloween, be it horror or slapstick, look no further than Evil Dead.

Halloween (Rob Zombie)

Although there have been a slew of directors that have taken on the Halloween franchise, none have taken a fresh spin on it like musician-turned-director Rob Zombie (also known as Rob Cummings). If you haven't heard of Halloween, it is one of the most famous horror flicks ever, up there with Nightmare on Elm St. and Friday the 13th. The movie follows Michael Myers, a guy who has been committed to a maximum security psychiatric ward at 10 years of age, who escapes on Halloween night to seek revenge on a town he thinks has wronged him. Although staying in the same vain as the original, the Rob Zombie 2007 release is more of an origin story than the original is and brings new talent to the franchise like Malcolm McDowell and Danny Trejo. Since the plot of the movie is so closely tied to Halloween if is all the more frightening to watch on the 31st.

Carrie (1976/2013)

Another film getting a well deserved reboot this October, is Carrie. It follows a teenage girl who discovers that she has telekinesis while her classmates and insanely religious mother, steadily abuse and torture her. The film works its way to a violent and terrifying climax as Carrie is pushed to the brink at her high school prom. While not a classic Halloween movie and not one of the more scary movies out there, Carrie still has some deep themes about bullying and religion. The climax of Carrie is also one of the most iconic scenes of the late 70’s so if you're not overly terrified you can still enjoy a piece of film history. If you want to enjoy a teen drama with a little sci-fi and horror thrown in the mix, go see Carrie.

Have any movies you like to watch for celebrations or special occasions? Shoot us an email at with your favourite flicks and suggestions.

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Gravity Review

Issue 1 - Review
By: Bianca Barone
Image from Google Images

Gravity is the number one movie in America! It has received many great reviews since its release in theatres on October 4th. This movie was directed by Oscar nominated director, Alfonso Cuaron, and features Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in a heart-pounding thriller that pulls you into the pure blackness of space.

Gravity is a story about a medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), on her first shuttle mission in space. She is accompanied by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), who is in command of his last mission after which he intends on retiring. On a routine spacewalk, misfortune arises causing their shuttle to be destroyed, separating the two astronauts, each drifting off into space. The ear-piercing silence tells them they have lost any connection to earth and any chance for rescue. Panic ensues as little oxygen is left.

Taking four years to produce, this Sci-Fi thriller earned $55.6 Million in box office tickets in the first weekend of release and broke the record in the US. It has the highest ticket sales compared with all other releases this fall. Gravity received 5 out of 5 stars and many movie goers and critics alike wanting a second onscreen watch.

The movie consists of many flashbacks of Dr. Stones and Kowalski's life intriguing many to connect to these characters drawing in the audience. Critics say “Gravity is an expertly-crafted emotional ride that makes us realize why we love films so much.”

The $80 million-budget movie has been glorified for its spectacular simplicity. Alfonso explains, "With making a film it's like trying to create a tune in the shower while you have a hundred people singing around you. You have to focus yourself in on the tune that you're trying to create, because you have hundreds of people singing different songs at the same time around you.”

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Saunders Farm Review

Issue 1 - Review
Image from Google Images

Fall, the season of colorful leaves, warm sweaters, flavourful tea, and awkward Thanksgiving dinners. But most importantly, it is the season of Halloween. One of the major aspects I think of when I think of Halloween is Saunders Farm. Every year I go to Saunders Farm, and each year it changes either for the better or worse. In case you do not want to spend $28 and end up hating it, here is a review to save you some time and money. I went on opening day this year, which is not the best day to go. Since they change stuff around every year, on opening day, they are still working out the kinks of the props and scariness.

Let’s start with mazes.

Mazes: The mazes are always the same. But they are always fun. I recommend each person going a different way and making it a race. In the maze field there is a tower that overlooks the entire farm. If you go up at the right time, you can see the autumn sunset over the fields.

Camp Slaughter: Camp Slaughter is their new attraction, and it was not that scary. Coming from someone who’s worst fear is people popping out at you. Sure at the time, when you are walking through the woods, and hear screams ahead of you it’s scary. After you walked through the realistic slaughters, you realize it’s not that bad.

Haunted Hayride: This was my favorite of the night that I went on it twice. There were some parts that were just creepy, and some parts that were terrifying. Quite a few things and people pop out at you, but you are in a wagon with other people and a lot of the stuff is situated away from the wagon trail. The end is definitely the scariest part. The second time is even more terrifying.

Barn of Terror: The name says it all. It is terrifying. Around every corner something that you least expect to pop out at you, does. It makes your heart stop beating for just a couple of seconds. I do not recommend going in alone, especially if you are terrified of it. My friends made me go in it. I couldn't even walk because I was so scared. I was literally dragged through it. If you love that kind of scariness, then you will love this. If you go in near closing, all the people will come out of their “scene” and follow you through to the end (it is scarier than it might sound).

In conclusion I give Saunders farm a 4/5 skulls. During the day it is filled with fun activities for families with little kids. At night, if are under 10 years old, I do not recommend it. It was a fun and scary way to spend a Saturday night in honor of Halloween.

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Issue 1 - Opinion
By: Sofia Barnes
Image by Megan Hurley

On the morning of Tuesday October 8th, prime elk mating season, a male elk wandered into downtown Ottawa, presumably in search of a female. However, by midday, the near 400 lbs elk had been shot down by Ottawa police and was lying limp outside the City Centre building, covered by a fluorescent yellow tarp.

In 2010, a similar situation occurred with a moose, who much like the elk, wandered into the city and was quickly shot down. The difference? After the moose incident, the province established a plan in regards to dealing with large animals wandering into cities so that killing the animal could be avoided without risking endangering the public. While I understand that the elk on that Tuesday morning had become agitated and was posing a risk to the safety of others, I do not understand how the situation got to the point where the previously harmless animal was provoked to the point that he had to be killed by a sniper. A plan should have been devised to prevent that situation verbatim, especially after the authorities had consulted an expert Tom van Eghen, owner of Kanata elk ranch.

Nonetheless, the elk was tormented to the point that he got so agitated he had to be shot point blank in order to avoid endangering the public.

On the other hand, what I do understand is that for the cheap price of $16.95 Canadian you can enter to take part in this activity yourself! Elk, having naturally died off from Ontario in the 1800’s were reintroduced in 1998 as part of the Plan or the Restoration in Elk in Ontario. While elk population is still not high enough to be sustained if hunting freely was permitted, you, or a group of which you are a part of, can submit a ballot into a draw, much like a game of bingo, for a chance to win the right to hunt an elk in Ontario*, much like the police did on that Tuesday morning.

*Hunting license regulations do apply.

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Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins!

Issue 1 - Life
By: Rebecca Drolet
Image from Google Images

It’s that time of year when everything and everything is about pumpkins. The season is changing from summer to fall and the leaves are beginning to lose their green touch. Now everything has changed from green to red, orange, brown, and yellow. And what better way to introduce those colours than to do it with pumpkins?

Personally, I love the taste of pumpkin! And to all those Starbucks fans out there, I know how you feel about those Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Fall is the only time of year when Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available so this time of year holds a special place in all of the Starbucks lovers.

Starbucks isn’t the only one that uses pumpkin in their product in the fall. Many people are cooking home recipes with pumpkin! You have pumpkin muffins for breakfast, pumpkin seeds as a snack, pumpkin pie, (which in my opinion could be the main course) pumpkin juice from Harry Potter, pumpkin ravioli; you name it!

Of course Halloween is quickly approaching and what would it be without pumpkins! Pumpkin carving is a wonderful family activity and even considered as art in various places. Personally, I can’t carve a pumpkin, but the best part of carving a pumpkin is when you have to completely empty the fruit itself. I love the feeling of the raw seeds and orange goo in my hands. And of course it is the perfect opportunity to roast some seeds in the oven; yum!

Canada is one of the major international pumpkin producers. In fact, Canada holds the world record for the largest pumpkin. In 2011, a couple from Quebec had their pumpkin weigh 1818.5 pounds! You don’t really know how big that is until you see it. It seemed like a little pumpkin car since it was so big. In other words, Canadians take much pride in their pumpkins.

I hope that you paid attention to our lovely Canadian pumpkins during this season because they aren’t here all year round. It’s a very precious time that we spend with them and it truly brings up the morale of society. So I encourage you all to eat something that has pumpkin or participate in a pumpkin carving activity. Long live the pumpkins!

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Gilad Hekselman’s This Just In

Issue 1 - Review
By: Robert Wanell
Cover art for Album. Google Images

Gilad Hekselman has built a strong foundation as a guitarist and a composer in the jazz scene. The young Israeli guitarist has performed with New York giants like Chris Potter, Ari Hoenig, Aaron Parks and Mark Turner. He has three albums under his own name and has been featured as a sideman on many other projects. He is virtuosic, energetic and everything he plays works in favor of music.

Gilad’s new CD, This Just In, consists of primarily trio instrumentation with Marcus Gilmour on percussion and Joe Martin on bass. Tenor saxophonist Mark Turner is featured on several tracks just like Gilad’s previous record Heats Wide Open. In This Just in, Gilad records seven main tunes with musical interludes entitled “Newsflash one, Newsflash two etc,” to play off the albums News theme. Each one of these musical snippets provide continuity between tracks while each containing their own personal charm.

Those familiar with Gilad’s playing can recognize it as soon as they hear it. His velvety legato tone, counterpoint based lines, unusual application of trio, Gilad’s playing can at times even be considered Pianistic. On this record Gilad’s use of distortion and effect pedals is extremely tasteful. The chemistry between each member of the ensemble is phenomenal and everybody does a stellar job at feeding off each other’s musical ideas. When Gilad has an idea the entire band organically responds and takes the music to an upper level of creativity.

The title track “This Just In,” written by Gilad, features a clever floating bass line with a very well developed melody played by Mark Turner on sax. The opening track “Above,” has a gentle, understated melody and features some of Gilad’s strongest playing on the entire record. “March of the Sad Ones,” is written almost like folk song and flows very nicely. “Ghost of the North,” evokes an eerie presence very well and provides nice contrast from the rest of the album. The albums acoustic piece “The Dreamers,” demonstrates Gilad’s versatility as a composer. Alongside Gilad’s original music this album features two well chosen covers. Mark Turner is featured again, for a rendition of Dan Grolnick’s “Nothing Personal,” where he plays intensely with passion. Gilad also reinvents the Alan Parson Projects timeless classic “Eye in the Sky,” in a clever arrangement.

Through each track on the album Gilad exploits harmonic ingenuity and immense rhythmic development within his improvisation. The albums blend of trio and quartet instrumentation with Mark Turner makes for an enjoyable and diverse listening experience. Even though this is Gilad’s album and its clear he wanted it to be more trio oriented; it would have been nice if he utilized Mark Turners playing a little more. Gilad Hekselman remains to be one of the finest guitarists on the scene today and This Just In is a masterful album that is fresh off the press.

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Word search

Fall / Halloween

Issue 1 - Word Search
By: Sandra Ranson
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Student Spotlight

Aidan Roszak

Issue 1 - Student Spotlight
By: Barâa Arar
Aidan Roszak with a nomadic family in Mongolia

This month Knightwatch is featuring Aidan Michael Roszak, a very passionate, driven, and involved grade 12 Nepean student with immense dreams and hopes for his future. Aidan has immersed himself in many school and non-school related initiatives and this month, him and his great contributions are being highlighted.

I sat down with Aidan to see what he has been up to at school and in the community. He arrived to our interview a little bit late, but I forgave him because he commented on how good my burger looked. Indeed, it was a delicious burger. Talking to Aidan was pleasant and whenever a teacher walked by the conference room, his face lit up with a smile and he followed with a friendly wave.

At Nepean, he is the head of the finance club which is always looking for new members and runs school events such as stock market competitions. Furthermore, he loves combining his leadership qualities with his love for sports which becomes apparent when I learn he plays recreational hockey and soccer on the Nepean senior soccer team which he mentions is first in the city. “Go Knights”, he adds. Sports follow Aidan outside of school. He is a program leader at Fisher Park Public School, his elementary school, organizing sports for the students to get them up and running.

He believes that the best thing about helping out in the community is being able to see the impact of an event that he has been planning. He tells me that when an event he is planning plays out the way he pictured and aimed for, he is extremely happy. Unfortunately, when an event does not run as smoothly as had hoped, he feels quite disappointed.

When I asked him about his role models, many people came to Aidan’s mind but there were two that he really admired. He tells me an inspiring story of how his mother who was once deaf received a life-changing and miraculous treatment when he as six that bettered her hearing. He expressed how amazing it was to be able to talk to his mother for the first time. His mother raised 3 kids all while running her own prosperous business, Red Chair Kids on Wellington here in Ottawa. He says his second role model is his grandfather. He also started his own business that flourished. Aidan attributes his grandfather’s success on his ability to deal with money but also his ability to work honestly and with integrity. This is a philosophy that Aidan wishes to apply as he himself ventures into the business world, following in his family’s footsteps.

Upon the various impressive initiatives that Aidan has taken on, the one that struck me the most was also the one that also pleasantly surprised me. This adventure took Aidan half-way across the world. Two summers ago, Aidan packed his bags, sports equipment he had collected from the community, and flew to Fiji by himself to a small school called Namaka in Nadi. He mentioned the overwhelming amount of poverty in the community and that he wished to make a difference in these students’ lives by bringing them soccer balls and teaching the kids sports, English, and social studies.

His most recent endeavour is organizing an event called Gotcha with his friend Michael Deep. The pair decided to make sure that this year’s version is honest and the money collected goes towards a good cause. Half the money fundraised through this fun and entertaining (even a little competitive) event will go to the winner of the game, and the other half will be donated to a chosen Breast Cancer research organization. It will cost 5$ to participate in this school wide event. A very realistic and optimistic individual, Aidan tells me his motto is not very poetic, but it is what he applies to his school and community endeavours. “Do well, as much as you can.” He has high hopes for his future wanting to attend Queens University to study business. Aidan wants to work with money and people and hopes to one day lead a successful team. Aidan Roszak is a knight to watch out for.

This article is the first of many “Student Spotlight” columns that Knightwatch will be publishing in each issue. We are pleased to announce this new column that will be written about a Nepean student who is active and contributing to the school and the local community. Do you know someone who is doing great work and that should be recognised? Shoot us an email at or write your suggestion and drop it off in the main office.

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