Monday May 27th, 2019

Boston Article

Issue 3 - Current Events
By: Jaime McConnery

On November 15th Ms. Elmer, Mr. McCarthy, and Ms. Ford attended a Learning and the Brain conference in the stunning city of Boston, Massachusetts. The event illustrated and discussed the many ways a student could learn in the 21st century. The purpose of their visit was to frame Nepean High School's improvement plan for Mental Health & Wellness.

The education conference offered techniques to support technological learning advances for more engaged instruction. "Although Nepean is an overall amazing educational system, as an English and Science teacher, my personal interest in cognitive psychology expanded even more when I attended the conference in Boston", Ms. Elmer exclaims eagerly. She wishes for students to be aware of the initiative of technology as a tool and how we deliver education skill sets that foster creativity, content, and knowledge. Ms. Elmer states that "the resolve of furthering our knowledge is to push more challenging questions that are not "Googleable" questions to keep students far more engaged". The conference leaders believe that if they can keep students motivated and interested, they can engage their passions for their future. Students can do a better job for a head start on their own successes in their career path not only involving salary and their teacher's grading system because personal learning is far more important and essential in today's society. Classroom environments and educators should be encouraged to possess far more energy and enthusiasm to involve their students!

Together, Nepean High School can adapt to these innovative education tactics and continue to develop the future leaders of our country.

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Nepean's long lost Darkroom

Issue 3 - Arts
By: Diego Alvarado Isztin

For decades, yes decades, Nepean Students have had access to the simple, bare to the bone, yet functional darkroom to develop film, to be used for yearbook, clubs and class. It is now home to a washer and dryer used for the gym staff's dirty laundry. In this day and age, photo processing has been phased out to the point that for many, the darkroom is unnecessary and irrelevant. Many don't even know what a darkroom is... However, for many students at Nepean, the darkroom would allow for a deeper understanding of photography and the steps that go into developing film. Not to mention its really rad!

Darkrooms are used to keep film from being exposed to light. If film is exposed to direct light, it is rendered useless, and after being processed will turn out either blank or with white splotches and sun leaks. If you are wondering how you would possibly be able to see in such conditions, red light is allowed within the room because film reads it the same as complete darkness and it does not alter the chemicals present in the negatives. A series of chemicals, timed washes and agitations, turn the film negatives into direct positives, the vivid pictures you see. From there, there are many ways in which you can print these positives.

Talking to Mr McCarthy, his initial reaction to the proposal of starting the darkroom was neutral. He didn't want to get any hopes up as there is a lot that must go into starting such a project that has been out of commission for so long. However, after several weeks of planning, we are ready to take the next step. Mr McCarthy is willing to send Jay, Nick, and I to Merivale High School for 2 to 3 days to learn from the photography class there about the steps which go into running a darkroom. After we have done that, we will be able to help other students at Nepean who are eager to join a photography club.

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Delivery Man Delivers

Issue 3 - Review
By: Alex Henry
Image from Google Images

Vince Vaughn stars in the new film Delivery Man , directed by Canadian, Ken Scott. It tells a tale of David Wozniak, a broke middle-aged man who drives a meat truck and the father of 533 children due to his sperm being over-used at a fertility clinic. Over 100 of these children want to know who their real father is, and have filed a paternity suit to try and reach out to him. Wozniak receives the files of all of the children, and starts paying them visits without them knowing he is their father. The film is a comedy, but it isn't just filled with cheap jokes (which surprised me considering some of Vaughn's past films). It is actually surprisingly heart warming. The film focuses on Wozniak's self-improvement through meeting all of his children, and there are definitely some awe-worthy moments. I went into the movie expecting it to be strictly mediocre, and left pleasantly surprised. I left feelin like I wanted to go do something kind for someone, make someone's day, or go volunteer at on organization. It was genuinely uplifting; everyone I saw it with felt the same way as well. Another bright side was that all of his children were quite attractive, which doesn't hurt.

Vaughn played his typical underdog character, which was a tad one-dimensional. That was disappointing because his character had so much potential, and although there is definitely some character development, so much more could have been done. The supporting cast, however, were great. Chris Pratt plays his best friend and lawyer, the cynical voice of reason throughout the film, and he has some of the best lines in the whole movie. Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother, is Wozniak's girlfriend in the film. She was great, although she could have been a bigger part of the comedic aspect of the film.

Overall I would rate this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. It is a light-hearted comedy that is easy to follow and entertaining for everybody. I saw it with four of my friends, male and female, and everyone enjoyed it. The movie wasn't overly vulgar or inappropriate, hence the PG rating. This is a great flick to catch with your family over the holidays.

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Man fails to "Deliver"

Issue 3 - Review
By: Wendy Chilibeck

Dreamworks and Disney team up to present "Delivery Man"; a story that takes you through the twisted life of a 40-something year old slacker named David Wozniak. David's life gets flipped upside down when he finds out he has over 500 kids, all to blame from him donating his sperm 20 years ago. When he thinks things couldn't get worse, David soon has to get suited up for his 143 kids that decided to file him a lawsuit to know who their father really is.

After watching "Delivery Man", I thought it was a really good plot, however the script didn't do it justice. It's suppose to be a comedy, but it was just a mess of bad, flat jokes. Alongside with the bad jokes, Vince Vaughn also didn't impress me. He always seems to stay in his comfort zone, and be the same person every time, including his character in this film. Overall, "Delivery Man" was entertaining, but not a quality film. I'd say its worth watching, but wait till it's on DVD, so you don't spend $10 going to see it.

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Hidden Truth: Revealed

Issue 3 - Social
By: Alyssa Sernoskie

Now ladies, have you ever noticed while you're sitting on the bus, that men seem to take up an unnecessary amount of space? I'm not talking about just on the bus though, I mean everywhere. Buses, trains, airplanes, even at school sitting at your table. Now I'm not hating on them and saying that they're a nuisance, I'm saying that they take up an unnecessary amount of space with the way that they sit. Knees apart, elbows out to the side, spread out - you get the picture. This forces us girls to squish over and sit there uncomfortably for the remainder of the journey. Turns out, the reason they sit like that is to show dominance or confidence. So say if one of you ladies were to imitate this pose, it would make them uncomfortable because you're basically saying that you see yourself as either the equivalent or stronger than them. Before any of you men start defending yourselves and saying you sit like that because "it's more comfortable", just be quiet and try to learn something. It's not a myth, men are socially trained to take up more space than women. Even without noticing it, we all know that men do this and that it's frowned upon by society when women do it. It has been reported that transgenders (female to male) have been told to adapt to this behaviour in order for society to view them as male.

This isn't about some girl complaining about having no leg room on public transportation - although that counts for some of it - it's about a social phenomenon that many can recognize and relate to.

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The Three Musketeers Review

Issue 3 - Review
By: Isabel Eid Holm
Image from the Ottawa Citizen

The Three Musketeers , a play originally written by Ken Ludwig was brought to life by the enthusiastic and dynamic cast of the Ottawa Jewish Community School. This classic heroic tale recounts the infamous adventures of the Three Musketeers with the help of their newly joined companion d’Artagnan, a young farm boy from Gascony who merely dreamt of one day becoming a musketeer himself. Masterfully staged, the scenes flowed seamlessly, rapidly weaving the complex story lines, all while including daring sword fights, shocking confrontations and comedic relief. The cast and crew worked effortlessly together feeding off of each other’s energy and ultimately driving the tempo of the play.

The set, consisting of painted stone staircases and a landscape tapestry on the back wall of the stage, may have been simplistic, but was enhanced by small detailed additions, with a marble statue here, and a chess board with chairs over there. These minimalistic props or set pieces were the distinguishing factors between the king’s palace, the tavern and the courtyard at the nunnery, essential landmarks for a vast variety of settings. Another aspect enormously involved in creating the complete scene was the technological aspect of the set, which played a key role in the identification of setting and time of day. Patterns and dark blue toned lighting were used for night time or more omniscient settings such as d’Artagnan’s battle against the three musketeers and the battle against the Cardinal’s men. Whereas, bright yellow and white lights were used during daytime scenes. Other trivial additions, a neigh of a horse, a musical number, ballroom dancing, all greatly increased the quality of the performance. Not only were the sets and technical aspects a joy to watch, the periodical costumes accurately suited not only the characters but the actors as well.

Overall, the actors created the power and excitement of the play, engaging and captivating the audiences’ attention. The King’s flamboyant and exuberant personality generated by Gabriel Hamburg, an ingenious young actor who utilized quirky mannerisms, sent the audience into bouts of laughter. Hannah Srour, playing the role of Sabine, captured the essence and passion of a young aspiring woman in the early 1600s. Her versatility was demonstrated through her stumbles of drunkenness in the tavern, her infectious devotion to falling in love, and her warrior spirit stemming in the defeat of Milady. Finally the rest of the cast presented many striking moments, most of all breaking out into song and dance at the beginning of the Second Act, for laughs or for kicks, who knows, but it was hilarious none the less. The Innkeeper’s thrashing seizure, Queen Anne’s defiance and victory against the Cardinal, D’Artagnan’s incredible swordsmanship, and Milady’s villainous and bloodcurdling glare are all unforgettable demonstrations of talent and the students’ commitment to the performance.

The entire production incorporated methodical staging, intriguing actors and above all incredible theatrics. This small scale production shocked, amazed, and inspired, rightfully earning its standing ovation.

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The Best Study Music: Black Sands by Bonobo

Issue 3 - Review
By: Lauren Wild

Instrumental music's tedious and dull image is shattered by Simon Green, who goes by the stage name Bonobo, with his album titled Black Sands . The ethereal sounds of the album have the ability to slip into any setting with ease, from background music to what's playing directly in your headphones.

Green uses his hypnotic down tempos to wash the listener's inhibitions away. Bonobo brings together a magnitude of sounds to create depthless songs that unfold seamlessly within one's head. The euphoric beats will keep your body oscillating and your mind serene. Of the twelve instrumental songs on the album, three songs feature the vocals of jazz artist Andreya Triana. Featured on 'Stay the Same', 'Eyesdown', and 'The Keeper', her tranquil tones add to the album's fluidity and peacefulness.

The album begins with the track 'Prelude' which provides the listener with an accurate idea of what the rest of the album has to offer: A euphonious anthem with upbeat tempos and comforting slow undertones. The songs are mellow, yet when used as study music, can provide a motivational mentality.

It's easy to struggle while trying to find the perfect reading or study soundtrack. It can either be too busy, have lyrics that are too distracting or a tempo that is too slow or too fast, the possibilities are endless. Bonobo's album is the solution to this very eminent problem. His tracks are calm enough to provide concentration but the slightly uptempo beats keep the listener determined to finish whatever they may be doing.

Overall, Black Sands by Bonobo is a musical masterpiece infused with life that deserves to be known and enjoyed by everyone.

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Getting Ahead

Issue 3 - Poetry
By: Anonymous

I anticipate the alarm clock's shrieking trill, slapping for rest.

I stumble onto the frozen street, running uphill, gasping for rest.

I squeeze scribbling into every last second,

Learning with mindless skill, cramming for rest.

I shuffle past strangers who press me out of a seat,

Rushing past the world through a foggy window sill, flailing for rest.

I click a screen of tabs while shoveling in forkfuls,

Devouring dinner but never reaching my fill, starving for rest.

And when my eyelids flop shut for the night,

I doze fitfully, distressed, still dreaming of rest.

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Single Bells

“Single bells, single bells, single all the way...”

Issue 3 - How-To
By: Ryley Alp
Image from Google Images

It's that time of year again. Sitting by the fire, gift swapping and all that other fun stuff. Everyone loves the holidays, it's time you can spend with your friends, family, and significant others. Except for a certain number of us who may be lacking in the significant others department.

While everyone is cozying up by the fire, I find myself cuddled with my space heater and upwards of twelve blankets.

No, I don't need anybody to keep me warm, just copious amounts of hot chocolate with extra whip cream. Unfortunately for us single people, we don't get to enjoy things like those cute little kisses under the mistletoe.

This wonderful time of year can seem a lot less wonderful when you're sitting alone at home watching christmas movies and sighing as you scroll down your Instagram feed at the couples hanging decorations together. But before you put a boyfriend and/or girlfriend on your wish list you should consider these 7 reasons why it's great to be single during the holidays:

  1. You can bake all those gingerbread cookies and have them all to yourself - no need for sharing.
  2. You can go down to the canal and skate as fast as you want because you don't have to hold anyone's hand.
  3. No stress to find that perfect present or any need to spend extra money on someone - really, being single is a much better economic decision
  4. You can avoid adding even more relatives to the nosy people asking you questions list - no doubling up on having to deal with your relatives and your significant others'.
  5. You can get your flirt on at holiday parties - who knew your mom's co-worker had a son or daughter your age?
  6. Things that might not be so attractive, like the sound you make as you belt jingle bell rock at the top of your lungs or wearing that super warm but highly unflattering knit moose sweater is okay - who do you have to impress anyways?
  7. The excitement of New Years Eve, because maybe you're single now but that doesn't mean you have to stay single. Go shmooze and find a cute person to kiss at midnight.

So go ahead and embrace your free-agent status, and when your nosy great-aunt asks "So hows the love life?" instead of glaring and muttering "Non-existent." smile and say "I'm keeping my options open."

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Banana Muffins with White Chocolate

Issue 3 - Recipes
By: Jessica Saulnier-Porter

Here is a delicious Banana Muffin that is moist and sweet with a lovely golden brown crust. While this recipe is similar to the other Banana Muffin recipes on the site, it does differ in that it contains brown sugar and has chunks of white chocolate floating in the batter. If you do not have white chocolate chips, substitute with dark or even milk chocolate chips. Delicious warm from the oven, but they can be covered and stored at room temperature for a few days or even frozen.


  • 1 3/4 cups (225 grams) all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup (100 grams) white granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup (55 grams) light brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup (2 ounces) (65 grams) white chocolate chips or chunks
  • 3 large ripe bananas (approximately 1 pound or 454 grams), mashed well (about 1-1/2 cups)
  • 1/2 cup (113 grams) unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C) and place the oven rack in the middle of the oven. Line 12 muffin cups with paper liners, butter or spray them with a non stick vegetable spray.
  2. In a large bowl combine the flour, sugars, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and white chocolate chips.

  • In a medium-sized bowl combine the mashed bananas, melted butter, eggs, and vanilla. With a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, lightly fold the wet ingredients (banana mixture) into the dry ingredients until just combined and the batter is thick and chunky. (The important thing is not to overmix the batter. Over mixing the batter will yield tough, rubbery muffins.)

  1. Spoon the batter into the prepared muffin tins. Bake for about 20 - 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Place on a wire rack to cool for five minutes and then remove muffins from pan. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Makes 12 regular sized muffins.

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